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Camdyn Healey

I’ve only had it for about a week! So maintenance is still high, but it wasn’t the maintenance I was worried about. More so his overall health. He was a rescue and doesn’t have many toes left due to sheds not being handled correctly. Switching to bioactive he’s already went thru a beautiful shed. As I was really struggling with his sheds as well. He has since been more active. And is more comfortable all and all. He doesn’t hide away as much and often takes a nap out in the open. He loves his live plants and loves climbing up and down them. Previously he just mostly hid. Even during dawn and dusk. Now he’s so fun to watch! And yes I have springtails as well as blue powder isopods. And will be adding diary cow isopods as well soon. Just cuz they are so big and cool to look at. I’m def happy with going bioactive. And can’t wait within the next couple of months for it to maintain itself!

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