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Zelma Freedline

Here’s an update. I now used a 75 watt bulb instead of the usual 100 watt heat bulb. He seemed more active today. He was running around his cage and climbing on his hammock. He was still laying under the hammock a little though. The cage reads 87.4 degrees and his basking spot it around 105-108 degrees. But he never lays on his basking log. If he wants to lay down he lays at the bottom. He did the same thing in his old cage. Is it a problem since his basking spot is hot enough but he never lays there? He doesn’t seem to interested in crickets at the moment but he loves super worms. It also seems like he doesn’t like eating in the new cage, as soon as I open the door to feed him he runs out of the cage onto my floor and eats the super worms there but no crickets. He will run all the way across my floor to get a super worm. Am I doing something wrong?

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