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thank you! yes, the enclosure is a screen top with a hexagonal shape. 20 gallons. i tried your experiment and covered half of the tank before doing my usual 2 mins of misting. after misting i was at a spike humudity of 81 and a temp of around 73 up top. the bottom had a really high humidity of 89 & a temp of 70. after 3 hrs, i was at a humidity of 70 & a temp of 77, and the bottom had a humidity of 62 & a temp of 73. my worry is the humidity and temperature getting way too low or high when i’m out, especially since school is starting up again soon. i would get an automatic system, but it’s quite expensive. and the hydrotherm is discontinued for the reptifogger :(( for the 25w, i meant the heat. The temperatures do get quite low at night, and I’m afraid they’ll get TOO low. should I invest in a heat pad or night-specific bulb? I have a 25w uvb bulb for lighting already.

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