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Nice looking set-up. More plants will definitely help the humidity. It is very normal for the humidity to be higher at the bottom of the enclosure if the tank has a screened top. I presume this one does, although the angle of the camera makes it hard to be certain. Experiment with the humidity by throwing a piece of cardboard over the top for a few hours, and then measuring the vertical zones again. I think you will find it to be much more uniform. If you do, then you may want to consider closing off a small portion of the screen (not the whole thing, definitely not) to keep the humidity up near the top to keep your froggies most comfortable. They will spend a lot of time at the top, so this detail is important.

They don’t need a lot of light, so 25W should be fine. What is the ambient temperature at the top and the bottom? Does that change with the top partially covered?

Be sure to check out the care guide for White’s Tree frogs on this site for some additional tips and advice on their care and feeding.

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