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A very good question. I do not know what sort of glue is on the backs of those hooks, but if its anything in the cyanoacrylate family, they can degrade and release cyanide over time. Tiny amounts, but why take a chance. Here is the advice from another site Small Pet Select:

Let’s talk glue, first. You literally need two ingredients. Flour and water. For mild consistency glue (paper and card projects), it’s one part water with two parts flour. Mix until it’s smooth and you’re ready to use. If you’re looking for a thicker consistency to use for stronger projects, use more flour than water. Mix until you get a thick paste, then heat it up in a pan and use it while it’s still hot.

While flour glue is super useful, it does take quite a while to dry and it’s probably not the best option for really complicated projects. For those, a hot glue gun is good (as long as you’re using a very small amount), but make absolutely sure that the glue stick says “non-toxic.” This is must. An. Absolute. Must. However, you need to watch for signs of chewing in the glue area and remove if necessary.

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