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funny story

i found some at my job. there a pond there so they would like to come inside the factory from time to time in the winter to eat the bugs, so i got like 3 and took them home to make a new tanks for them, my wife at the time said no get rid of them. so i did. they love my backyard so much they started to make baby’s and live there so now there frogs and they got loud as before there was none lol. she left me so i started to find the and they found me to. i would be out side smoking and they would jump and land on my head. I would see them in my plants just every where. my friend from work moved over of the area and he had dart frogs, he gave me one as a gift, so i started my tanks for them i started with 1 dart and 3 tree frogs. the dart died cuz i changed the food i learned but now i have 11 🌲🐸 and looking to get a new dart frog soon.

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