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Youre welcome! We’ve all been there. That’s what this site is for.
Yes, keep your basking bulb with the dome. That is for heat regulation. And yes, the $18 bulb and hood are also needed. That is a UV bulb for healthy bones, digestion and health (they get all that from the sun in the wild. In a home, we need 2 different types of bulbs.). That bulb is high output and a special size that’s what T5 (bulb size) and HO (high output) means on the package. These are usually considered the best kinds in the pet trade. You keep all this up and running, youll have a happy, healthy beardie. You will also need Calcium powder (without D3) and Vitamins and mineral powder (with D3).

2-3 times per week, sprinkle food offered to bearded dragons with a calcium powder, not containing vitamin D3 And an additional 2-3 times a week, sprinkle food with a calcium powder containing vitamin D3. This powder schedule may differ depending on your beardies age. The Zoologist on here would know more on that for sure. Id check out the bearded dragon care guild on this site as well. Its at the top on the page.

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