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Sorry it took so long. Haven’t been home much. A great youtube channel to learn all you’d need is here:

This will be long so I can cover the main things you need now. If you have any question, please just ask!

Supplies: (I can give links to all from amazon, if youd like)

*at least a 15 gallon tank.
*Ceramic heat lamp
*uva/uvb bulb (no higher than 75w) and/or vitamin D3 powder (A lot of people use both, including myself)
*Calcium Powder (will add pictures of feeding/dusting schedule)
*Reptile Heat Mat
*Surface thermometer (sometimes comes with heat mat)
*Temp & Humidity Gauge (they have some that have both)
*Water Dish
*Calcium Powder dish (can use cap from a bottle)
*Substrate (coconut fiber, reptile carpet, slate, tiles, shelf liner, newspaper, paper towel) NO SAND.
*sphagnum moss (can substitute with damp paper towel)
*2-3 hides.
*Feeder insects: Crickets, hormworms, Black Soldier Fly Larva, mealworms, Waxworms, Superworms, etc.
*Humidity between 30-40%

Set up/Details:
*Warm side should be between 88-93 (about 90, goal) degrees on the tank floor.

*Cool side should be your room temperature in the 70-76 degrees. 30-40 humidity, tested on cool side.

*Heat mat goes on one side (substrate on top). Covering no more than half the tank.

*Hide positions: one over heat mat and one on cool side. You will also need a humid hide (i set this in between warm and cool side (with moist moss or paper towl inside, keep moist. Some people only put this hide in when shedding starts, i always keep one in. You can use a tupperware with a hole cut in it. Use tape to cover sharp edge or sand down with sandpaper)

*Water on cool side. (always keep water in tank)

*Put calcium dish wherever you want, but always leave it in tank.

*UV lamp (if you choose to use) over side with heat mat.

*To clean use reptile scoop or paper towel. (geckos ‘go’ in the same spot, so its easy)

SCHEDULE BELOW: Ages 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and over 12 months
C = Calcium
VM = Vitamins & Minerals
I usually aim for 8-10 bugs, but as long as they eat at least 5, im happy.

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