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Can you add a picture of your entire tank? Id use more/mainly coco fiber, and a little sphagnum moss if you wanted, as substrate as its great for digging and holding humidity. And he may be more comfortable eating on it, he may be feeling/catching the substrate you have now in his mouth. Put your heat lamp on one side of the tank and move it farther up if it gets too hot/dry. Also try covering a portion of your lid, if youre using screen, to help hold humidity. I use plexiglass/acrylic, but wood or plastic wrap works too if its not too close to the heat source.

Day time temps should be around 78-85 on the warm side (side with heat mat and lamp), and about 74 for the rest. Night tamps should be about 72. What size is your tank? And I usually use UVB whether its needed or not because they get that in the wild regardless. Theyre usually buried in the dirt anyway, so its not like it can hurt much. And at least 60% humidity is ok, especially since you have a water source for soaking. Spraying twice a day should be good. Use water conditioner though, if youre using tap water. Reptiles in a new home usually may not eat much if at all for the first week or so. Eventually he’ll get use to the tongs, just keep trying slow but wiggly insect. The movement attracts them. When tong feeding, I usually start out with wax worms just because everything loves them and theyre slow, them get a different bug. Thats how i taught my anoles to tong feed. There is a zoologist on here that can probably help more when she see’s this. Good luck, lmk if you have any more questions though.

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