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I have had Gray Tree Frogs and theyre great. They dont get very big and something very similar in size and behavior is an American Green Tree Frog.

But for a 5 year old, I’d say go with a Whites Tree Frog. They are pretty chill, a little bigger and adorably chunky. Easier to handle and find in the tank also. Just make sure you learn what temp and humidity your frog needs, as these things are very important to keeping them alive. You cannot skimp on these two things. None of these I listed are toxic, but you must was your hands before and after handling. (No hand sanitizer) That’s important for the health of both pet and child. Please let us know if you have any other questions or need tips on tank setup/pet info. If you are in the US I know a few good sites to purchase frogs from. Your local pet shop can normally order them in for you as well, if they dont already have them.

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