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Ok, I sent the other reply before I saw this. The goal is to use a process of elimination to find the cause.
Your temps and humidity are good. And you do have plants, which is great, but chams like to climb the highest part of the enclosure most. Id move up (or get more) plants and add more climbing branches so he/she (check for spurs on back of hind feet) can feel more secure. That may help with more bright colors as it may be showing muted colors to blend with what its walking on. Its also in a new place since you just got it, so it could still be stressed and that why its grayish.

And yes, the white in poo in urine. Its good that its white and not yellowish/orange. White is hydrated yellow/orange is dehydrated. And mealworms should not be part of a staple diet for a cham. They arent very nutritious and are harder to digest. Locus’ I thin are fine. Id add some hormworms or dubia roaches if you can get them where you are. Heres a great youtube channel that has a lot of very helpful info on chams: Heres a pic of my little guy and his cage if i can add both pics in


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