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An additional thought on solving the stuck shed occurred to me. If you have access to mineral oil, you might want to use a tiny, tiny bit right on the crusty area after moistening. Many homes are so dry in winter, like mine, that even misting twice a day would not keep those tissues pliable. A little mineral may help to seal the moisture in between mistings. Do not use vegetable oil of any kind, as this can become attractive to bacteria.

Judging from the size of the tail, the one in the photo is not undernourished, but given what you’ve described of their previous care, they may be malnourished. Try to avoid feeding mealworms since leopard geckos have a really short digestive tract and mealworms are almost all chitin, so not terribly nutritious. Be sure to gut-load all food items no more than 24 hours prior to offering them to your guys for maximum nutrition. A vitamin-mineral supplement in addition to calcium is probably an excellent call as well.

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