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I’m not sure who’s having more fun with this, him or you! I am going to disagree with AB on the found objects approach, something I seldom do. There are many microbes that are impervious to extreme cold, but almost none that can survive bleach and high temperatures. I like the idea of found objects to save money, but those objects should be dowsed with a 10% bleach solution then baked in a pre-heated oven at 200F for 30 minutes. Only then can you be certain. This is why milk is pasteurized at temperatures higher than 140, rather than freezing it for safety. Loads of bacteria simply go dormant at freezing temperatures, and then begin to multiply again as soon as they warm up. Yes, freezing at exceptionally cold temperatures for 24 hours can work, but unless your freezer reaches -80 degrees (80 degrees below zero, not just below freezing temp) you are running a risk of introducing bacteria.

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