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Yes, I think that post mentioned above would be very helpful for you. Thanks AB. Now, that said, there is no way to tell if this deformity will worsen. The best advice that I can offer is to provide your pet with the best CGD that money can buy at this developmental stage. You don’t want to compound his issues with poor nutrition. When he is sexually mature, and seems to be doing well, you can try other, less pricey formulations.
Don’t worry about the number of droppings just yet. Transportation and rehoming are very stressful to young animals and he may not have fully settled in yet. The scale is brilliant, and will come in super handy. I would try not to handle him for weighing every single day, as that may add to his stress. Skip a day now and then until he has been with you a couple of months. That allows his sympathetic nervous system to really settle down and normalize for a day before being challenged again.

If he is a little one-sided in his approach to life, will that bother you?

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