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Oh thank you so much for the votes! That is very kind!! Yes we have a lot of geckos LOL, and they all would really love a year’s supply of crickets!
I think taking them out sounds so great, unfortunately I don’t think our climate (we are in North Carolina) is very conducive to them, plus I would be nervous something would get them when my back was turned, we also have chickens and they are serious predators! I also love leopard geckos and they are super friendly too, and it’s great yours is so social. What’s funny is when I went to get a new gecko (it was 16 years ago in San Diego) I was only going to get 1, and was about to buy the female (the mom) when the future dad was looking up at me and seemingly begging for me to meet him, and his personality is the same to this day! They are very special. 🙂 … I can try and upload a photo of one of the terrariums, will need to take it in daylight so you can see their set up!

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