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Honestly I don’t think any reptile really likes being handled all that much, so I have always minimized that. But I’ve had many geckos for decades and they all have different personalities and some are much more interested in interacting than others. The “dad” gecko here is very social and comes out for a walk around the top of the terrariums every night, and none of the others like to do that and seem more skittish. I’ve had the mom and dad the longest (16 years now) so they are more used to handling, but in my opinion I wouldn’t expect to do much of that, for their stress as you say, and also they can be injured easily. Given all that, my crested geckos seem very easy relative to, say, day geckos, and seem to thrive on a varied diet of crickets, fruit, and crested gecko diet, without many issues at all! I hope that’s helpful and you can take in any rescues!

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