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So there’s no confusion, the little guy in the contest photo IS NOT the one we rescued, it’s one of his (Fred) offspring =) I will upload a photo of Fred from when we 1st got him along with this reply. I will also upload a more recent photo of Fred in my next reply =) At the time we got him he was going on 3 yrs old. We also had his brother but unfortunately he didn’t pull thru =( For almost 3 yrs they lived in the same tank! Fred has a permanent deformity on one of his toes + missing a toe & tip of his tail from fighting with his brother Barnie. Barnie was also missing part of his tail + a couple of toes ( I don’t have a photo of him, sorry but this was almost 8yrs ago ) I honestly do not know how they survived as long as they did.. They somehow managed to live in a 40 gal tank with only a regular incandescent light bulb that kept their tank at most 80°. The owner says they didn’t know they needed special light or that it mattered what food they ate. They said they got the 2 brothers when they were about 1 yr old. So for basically 2 yrs they fed them iceberg lettuce as their main diet and crickets maybe once a month!!!