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Okay. I did give the ointment a rest for a day to let it scab over a bit but reapplied last night and it seems it may be peeling with this shed.

I have a pretty large tank for them and I have the right side set for the warm side and the left for the cool side. There’s a warming pad under the far right corner with a few stacked rocks for baking on, and a ceramic heat lamp and UV lamp above. The heat lamp clamps to the side and can be moved around and up and down, but the UV lamp just rests on the corner edge because I have no other way to prop it. The UV lamp is on a timer and turns on and off automatically at 9AM and 9PM, respectively. I have the moist hide set up partially over the heat pad with moss inside that I spray with a spray bottle daily. I have the water dish in the right front corner with moss surrounding that I also spray daily.

On the left/cool side is a dish with calcium powder and a rock that I call the poop rock, cause they go up there to poop off the side of it, Lol. The temp on the cool side is about 72F, (because that’s the temp that we keep our house at,) and about 67% humidity. (I know that the humidity overall is higher than ideal, but we live on Florida, so there’s not much I can do about that.) On the warm side it’s about 90F and 45% humidity.

I hope this description along with the photo makes sense. I look forward to hearing any other suggestions you might have. Thank you so much!


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