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So, this morning Lizzy was having another one of those “mild sheds” that I mentioned before. You can see in the attached picture that it’s not a complete shed like you’d normally see. It’s only in patchy areas that the skin has lifted and it’s still quite attached in some places. I gave them a warm soak and did what I could to clear some of the loose bits, and tried to clear the toes, though I wasn’t totally successful at that. I’ll try another soak tomorrow to clear what remains. I’m still applying the ointment on the sores and they seem to be healing up. The other concern is that they don’t seem to have much of an appetite due to the stress of it all, I’m assuming. I’ve tried offering meal worms and crickets consistently, but they’ve only eaten a couple of times through this whole ordeal. I’m feeling pretty inadequate at this and considering re-homing them… if anyone is interested LMK.😓

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