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Thank you. And I agree, that’s why I’m wanting to get him. I’m in there every week and I see so many people buying these pets that know close to nothing about their care (including the employees, unfortunately. They’ve told me so many things I know to be false.) This cham kinda knows us now and comes to the glass to greet us, so im doing all i can to get him. I don’t want him doing to someone who knows little and cant afford his care. Normally I dont support big corp pet shops by buying pets, but this guy has grown on me. Hes only been there a month and employeed just found out they were closing (due to covid, everyones shopping on chewy). Supposedly hes captive bred (which i believe because hes so friendly) they’ve kept up with his care and all that. But ill still get him checked out. So far ive seen no negative signs on him thankfully.

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