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Good information for us to have, Nicole, that the toes can actually grow back with proper care. Toe loss in shedding is pretty common, unfortunately, but you are the first member to mention that they grow back. What amazing animals!

I really resonate with your daughter. Once, when walking to the grocery store as a little kid, I saw a dead cat in the road. Hit by a car. I was so distraught that all thoughts of the store were gone, and I ran home to announce to my parents that cars were cruel and we had to stop driving immediately. They managed to calm me, but I have never been wild about cars ever since. I have always driven slowly with an eye out for animals, even as a teen.

The good news for her is that highly empathetic people tend to do well in life and often attain advanced degrees (such as moi). My cousin loved all reptiles and eventually attained a Ph.D. in herpetology, so there you go.

Any other household pets, or is he an only lizard? And if she wants to share her experiences with him or other animal topics on this thread, she is welcome to do so. Children are not excluded, only mean people and those selling something.

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