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Thank you for your input. That’s what I feared, that they were burns. We did recently replace the UV lamp and they had an abnormal kind of “double shed” afterwards; where they had a sort of mild shed that they had difficulty clearing all of the dead skin and then quickly after (within a week) shed again, but didn’t have such difficulty that time. And then these sores surfaced within a few days of that last shed. I did slightly rearrange the furniture in their enclosure, so I will switch it back and hopefully that will help. I thought that the way I changed it would help with the difficulty with shedding, but these burns are worse than that problem, so I’d rather prevent that than worry about the difficulty shedding. Also, perhaps that has more to do with the intensity of the UV bulb as well? Any suggestion on how to lessen that intensity until it weakens? Thanks again for your help!

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