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Cait Durell

A lot of crested geckos have the blushing. It may not be noticeable all the time, mainly when they are fired up ( awake & active) so their colors are darker and brighter. So when a crestie is fires up, the blushing shows ALOT & is very beautiful.

And this is Reagan, his future girlfriend. I am not 100% sure yet if she is for sure a Confetti Super Dalmatian. A Confetti dalmatian is a Dalmatian that not only has black spots but also red spots possibly orangish spots as well. A Super Dalmatian is just a Dalmatian with 100 or more spots 🙂 Crested geckos colors brighten & show better (spots develop darker and more noticeable) as they mature. So 9/10 if a crested gecko looks really good as a baby, they are only going to look better as an adult.

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