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We had found him in our yard, which is very weird. We’re on a golf course with no lakes or ponds around. And we feed our local cats, raccoons, and skunks, and possums, which the raccoons we saved and released as well as the possums. So we didn’t want him to be a treat. So we took him in and was going to release him at a pond. But after he escaped his tank, and I walked in the animal room and saw him just hanging out on my chair, didn’t move I sat down and he jumped on my shoulder. I looked at him and said okay you can stay…and so the story goes….it’s so funny but at night you look out my back door and it’s like animal kingdom with respect for one another. The skunks eating and the cat, waits behind him til he’s done. Then I gotta refill the bowl, cause after the cat comes the raccoons, their used to us, so when I open the door they coming running over, so I gotta be quick get the food out and shut the door! Sometimes there’re all out their mommy skunk has her 3 kids with her, the coons bring their babies over…it’s crazy here

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