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Im sure youre doing great then if youre researching, evening is best for handling them. I like to feed mine first too. Mine wasnt super scared when i got him but i placed him in a large tupperware (his tank has too many hiding spots) and just placed my hand next to him so he could get used to it or use it to hide. Then picked him up (I lay my hand flat then touch his back legs to get him to walk on my hand on his own) after about 10-15 mins of that when he was calm, place one hand in front of the other as he tries to walk off your hands, like an escalator. The Youtube channel ‘Leopard Gecko’ has GREAT info on anything you’d need. You’ll love all the great info.

Id say the most important things are your powders. Calcium (without d3), Vitamins & minerals (with d3), humidity at 30-40%, no sand, 1 humid hide, heat mat and uvb/uva heat bulb (that’s debated but mines done better with this light added). I like to add 2 more hides too. One on warm side next to humid hide, one on cool side. (ill add pic of tank)

Mine loves being in hoodie pockets or large sleeves too when we’re spending time with him. Hope this helps.


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