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Hah…I know how that goes. Once I caught a little rattlesnake on our porch in San Diego. The little thang was being terrorized by our slow, fat ginger cat. Knowing the snake would eventually win, I picked the snake up, in well-rehearsed San Diego Zoo reptile handling style, and got them both out of each other’s grill. So pleased was I, that I took the little thing, wrapped around my wrist with fangs gleaming, into my house to show my parents. Such is the hubris of 12-year-old girls. They were not amused. Even though my father was a keeper at the zoo, he made me take the snake outside and throw it down, where he chopped it up into little bits. I remember that to this day, not with fondness. The little snake had done nothing to deserve such treatment. But parents, sheeesh, what are ya gonna do? Still, after 40 years, the injustice haunts me. Good for you for rescuing and nurturing an interesting creature that will offer you much enjoyment.

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