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Keri Olsen

We had thought about rescuing one of the many ones you see online after owners have lost interest 🙁 but this was our first beardie and my son’s first reptile. I didn’t want to risk getting one in such poor health or mbd that we couldn’t turn it around.

We researched and found a great breeder just over an hour from us. She was wonderful in answering questions and gave me her cell phone number in case I had any questions about scooby once he was settled in. He was a bit squirmy until he settled in but it was a great opportunity for my son to learn patience and a calm approach. The breeder told us to handle no more than 5 min twice a day at first. I also had my son read to scooby (snuck in some academics lol). I help with all the handling but Scooby definitely responds to my son better than me.

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