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Mckayla Wood

Yes unfortunately the owner had to go to college, but fortunately for me I got him! Rescuing animals and giving them the proper care and love has always been my personal passion. I have rescued hamsters, rats, mice, fish, and now I’m moving onto reptiles 😀

I started going onto Craiglist to find certain animals needing to be rehomed and even needing to be taken out of neglectful situations. Kai’s situation wasn’t the worst but it also wasn’t the best. He had a ripped out nail from the carpet they had him on, trauma on the tip of his tail, and wasn’t the healthiest diet wise due to what he was being fed and what his temps were. He seems much more active and happier now that things are fixed 🙂

I actually just got back from the vet yesterday and thankfully he is nice and healthy!

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