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Sandy Pebbles sounds like an accidental therapist, only better.  Therapists serve a number of valuable functions, but making you laugh is usually not one of them.  Parker may eventually be able to interact more fully with S. Pebbles, Esq. but it can take time.  My limited experience with adults and children with autism in an equine-assisted therapy venue indicates that although there are some overnight improvements in communication, cognitive, and social skills after a month of interacting with a therapy horse, it generally takes longer.  Good thing that well cared for beardies have a life span of sufficient longevity that makes it possible for them to be able to stick around long enough for them to yield that potential long term effect, where possible.  Never underestimate the power of laughter and a non-judgmental companion, even if it’s a reptile.  I have some research papers on this subject that may be of interest and inspiration to you, if you are into that sort of thing.  Just let me know via this forum and I will post links to them.

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