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Hi Kris,

It’s great you doing research on proper care.   The benefit of D3 (which I’m sure you know), is that it allows the bearded dragons to absorb the calcium, which helps them build strong bones.  Without D3, their bodies can’t absorb the calcium, often causing metabolic bone disease.

But this is where the confusion comes in: there is no general consensus on vitamins and supplements.  Some vets will tell you bearded dragons can’t absorb D3 through their intestines, making it useless as an ingested supplement.  While others will claim they should be given the supplement with every meal.

I’ve spoken with many bearded dragon breeders, and a lot of them agree that as long as your bearded dragon is getting UVB exposure in his tank, and plenty of sunlight (outside play), then there’s no need for vitamin D3.  But if it’s winter time, and if it’s cold outside, and they’re not going outside for sunlight, then you should start introducing the D3 supplements to their diet.  Hope it helps and good luck.  We’re happy to answer any other care questions!

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