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Well actually the store in our town had 2 a male and female someone just turned in. We live in a Military town so they get a lot of people that just cant take care of them or cant take them overseas. So we bought our beardies from them and i walked in there and the owner shows me both of them. They were both New Guinea Frills. He said someone just had dropped them off and they both were in very bad shape. Not being fed or taken care of properly. So they had stunted growth and just really sick. We took them both home. The male didn’t make it but the female did. And its been almost 2 years now we have had her. So then they got in an Australian Fill and i fell in love again. Right now i also have 28 hatchlings from our beardies and the pet shop cant keep up with my order of crickets for our barbies. So i really hope I have a chance to win.

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