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Wow…that was a tremendous amount of detail that I would like to delve into once this holiday weekend is over.  I particularly want to know more about the drugs prescribed and why.  I did take the time to look up Dr. Funnell in order to craft a shout out for her.  I shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that she is a raptor enthusiast and has goats, just like me.  Would you agree that something like a cosmic group tour brings such folks as you, me, and Dr. Pat all into the same sphere?  Twilight Zone, a bit, I know, but I have learned to recognize and accept what cannot fully be explained.  Since Dr. Pat does reptiles, I would love it if she could post on this site, and encourage patients with herps in need of care to visit us here and perhaps even order from us!  Just a quick July 4th thought.  More later this week, I promise.

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