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Ikr!! If you’re going to be so cruel, why would you just leave her to suffer like that. I was amazed that I managed to raise the money, I was so upset thinking I’d have to have her put down after surviving all that. She was given Metacam, Gabapentin, Rymadyl and then extra strength arnica gel, we also gave her a couple doses of chicken safe CBD (it has to be 100% THC free, birds are very sensitive to it). We did cold packs 20min on 40min off. If anyone is near northeast Indiana, Dr. Patricia Funnel is amazing! She was worth the hour drive to say the least, she treated funky like a cat or dog would be treated. She also neutered my one rescue mouse. For people that don’t know, in chickens signs of pain are panting, prolonged high pitch noises, being uninterested in food, and just being restless. I think it was more the hip that caused her pain, I know that my hip surgeries were tough.

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