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Thank you so much for your response!  I too have found that animals know when you are sick, having a bad day, experiencing something really negative and so forth.  My mother had a cat that was definitely ‘her cat’ when I was a teen who was  sick with the flu every for Thanksgiving for at least 5 years running.  Blubus McTubbus (my name for him, which he hated) was not a fan-boy of moi by any means, except when I had the flu during a family holiday.  Then he was at my side every single time, snuggling against me, purring even, whether I had a fever or not (so that particular variable can be laid to rest).  Although he didn’t dislike me, he just preferred my mother, no harm, no foul.  His behavior when I was sick was so extremely contrary to his usual mojo, that it has stuck with me over 40 years.  Therefore, for those you may know that say you are mistaken, or worse, it’s just a chicken, pay no mind, for there are truths about the animal mind and heart that science does not yet fathom.  As with your syndrome (and it’s called a syndrome because there is a cloud of lack of understanding about it, at least at this time) your experience of a compassionate companion animal displaying what can only rationally be interpreted as empathy is completely valid. There may be many explanations out there for the possible ‘why’s’ that this may be so, which is wonderful, and makes this an interesting time for you to experience this with your silky girl. Just give the doubters their say, smile, and move on, knowing that you are not alone. Prayers for a successful procedure on the 31st and do keep us updated on how Funky responds to you post surgery.

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