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Kate, I don’t think you had him long enough to fail him. No, sadly, this is a typical Petco/Petsmart thing. Their animals are often underfed and improperly nourished, because that costs money and cuts into the bottom line. They hope to sell the animal quickly enough that what you are now seeing with Big Chonkers doesn’t occur. Unfortunately, that is the real 50/50 deal. Sometimes their animals live and sometimes they don’t. Do not blame yourself.

I believe he has less than a 50/50 chance. If it were me, now that you know that you like this sort of pet, I would start looking for a breeder that is reasonably close by and see what they have for sale. Good to have a backup plan. You have learned a ton from this experience, and if Chonkers doesn’t make it, you can put that knowledge to good use. If the worst happens, get your money back and DO NOT let them sell you a replacement pet.

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