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This is one of the best rescue stories that I have heard in a while.  With any luck Funky will be a companion to you for a long time to come. It’s funny how rescued animals just seem to get it, although it may take awhile.  I have a funky silky story of my own.  Once upon a time, on a cold and snowy January morning in the Colorado Rockies, I  heard my favorite silky rooster screaming for help.  I leaped out of bed and ran outside (naked) into the deep snow to rescue him.  He had unwisely left the barn early and a passing goshawk had already torn one side of his face off.  I had to grab the hawk by the throat to get him to let go, so intent and hungry was he. The hawk flew off, minus some feathers, and the rooster was taken into the house, minus some face.  He was cleaned and warmed up and pampered for the rest of his life (another 2 years). We named him Super Chicken.  He had a name before that but don’t remember what it was now.  Super Chicken had an astonishing will to live, and also became an amazingly sociable bird, more so than before his brush with the grim reaper.  It was almost as if he knew and appreciated the efforts made on his behalf. So long live funky chickens!!  I hope you win this month’s crickets.

How does Funky do with the urge to scratch for forage with only one leg?  Has she found interesting ways to compensate or has she just modified her behavior to avoid going there?

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