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She seems to be responding on a behavioral level that is separate from anything physical, as in sickness. Sick geckos don’t behave in a frenetic manner. She is enacting separation and new habitat anxiety behavior. As an experiment, you might try putting her back in with the male, under supervision to prevent breeding. If she seems noticeably calmer, you may have your answer. If so, and you want to keep them separated, you should place her enclosure right next to his. That way she can still see him. Over the course of several days, pull the enclosures further apart. When this frenetic behavior has subsided, that is the time to take her back to your house. She may not want to play with you, only with him, until she is weaned away from his constant company, so when she back in your house, give her at least a week before attempting to handle her. I hope this helps.

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