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millie turiccki

thank you for the reply! it has been almost two weeks since he had a BM. i’ve bathed him everyday for almost a week and still nothing. i don’t have him on sand, i have him on carpet but because he has been hiding all day everyday even after a meal he has not basked so i think he hasn’t digested his food properly. he is still active and comes out regularly. he just hasn’t had a BM in a while, hasn’t really eaten his veggies for a couple of weeks and hasn’t basked. it more than likely is that he is constipated. his temps are 31 degrees at the hot side and around 26-28 degrees at the cool end. he is completely avoiding the area and last basking willingly on sunday and that’s it. also he gets around 15 bugs a week, is this enough for a one year old beardie? so, today, should i give him a dubia roach dipped in olive oil and see if that helps anything? thank you both so much for your reply.

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