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Brandon Stanley

Hey! So I have two beardies (Cupcake and Kiroshima) they are both half the age of yours but one thing you mentioned he hasn’t had a healthy BM in like a week, I would say that it is probably the main reason he’s not eating as much and secluding more of the time then not instead of basking. His internal temp is probably getting hotter because of the build up. I know what applies to humans definitely doesn’t apply to all animals (especially beautiful beards =D ) but the basic things still apply and I know that when I have severely constipated patients that have not had a bowel movement in a while tend to have have a temp way more often then not because part of the body’s internal way to regulate temp (cold blooded or warmblooded) animals are adding heat when they eat and as they become blocked up more and more they are susceptible to infection (which causes fever and icky feelings even slight fever. Also that BM holds that heat and without it getting pushed out continues to hold the heat in the gut where it’s stagnant. One thing I have found useful when my beard man got blocked up was the obv a warm bath and if he will still eat a cricket, soak the heck out of it in olive oil. He had successful BM within 24 hours. He hid all day and stayed in the dark colder area but then once he released he continued normal routine crickets, greens, staying out of his hides all day. And maybe pull back on the heat lamp some make it higher or further from the cage. If they totally avoid an area then yea it might be too hot-or cold depending on where your located! I hope henry gets back to his normal self and I am sure he will sorry for the narrative, (I’m used to writing them on people everyday lol) Take care and stay safe!

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