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Amanda Stauffer

Planning sometime within this year. It was going to be sooner, because I wanted to rearrange gecks and make another shelving unit to free up some space, but this whole pandemic thing threw us off with plans. We were supposed to find another rental and move by the end of April (bc our landlords want to sell the house since it’s too much for them) and we haven’t even done that. I’ve also been out of work and not collecting unemployment, so the less money spent the better. With the hatchlings being so little, I can always relocate them to smaller, individual spaces until I can release them into bigger ones. It shouldn’t cost more than $200 for everything and that’s at a high guesstimate. It cost me about that much to build a 6 shelf, 30 gal each, housing unit for the leos. I shouldn’t think it would cost much more than that to flip a tank for the mourning gecks

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