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Amanda Stauffer

I’d take a free rescue in a heart beat if I know I could. I hate the idea of paying for a rescue, but at this point the gecko is more important to me than my wallet. I have paid for some from stores that just needed a good home and they are loved and enjoy staring at me and the kids on occasion. I have one that I call K├íra and it means wild one or curly one, both adequate for her personality and condition bc she is permanently damaged from MBD and her spirit is strong. She was dropped off at a small pet store out here skinnier than what I picked her up as and needed special care and my boyfriend knew I wanted to give her and could give her a good home. She’s a climber and acts as though nothing is wrong and trusts me. I did pay for her, but I wanted to make sure she went to a home that knew how to handle her condition bc I didn’t want her on death’s doorstep again.

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