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Amanda Stauffer

Some of the things I’ve seen and horror stories I’ve read makes my heart hurt for sure. I’ve run into people who don’t care where the animal comes from and prefer to rehabilitate the animal and others that say boycotting the petstores and letting the souls go will stop the bigger industries (which they won’t, and even though I want to save them all, I save what I can bc walking away isn’t an option to me). When I had originally taken him to the vet, I had seen progress after cleaning, bathing almost every day (with bedatine on occasion), and giving him antibiotics. About a month and a half went by and I noticed some spots on his teeth were back and he preferred softer foods over hard and crunchy. The vet and I just came to the conclusion that it’s probably from the MBD and his older age is showing. His jaw is fine, he just seems to have issues with the teeth and I should just clean it when I see it as best I can. Luckily he’s been good lately. He’s funny and has these days where he has no problems chowing down by himself and other days he needs me to flick his food around for him 🤣

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