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Amanda Stauffer

Well, he was rescued from his original owners. Mistreated and had thrown in crickets with him, too many that they started to over power him. He had MBD and a broken right arm as a result from it. That was when he was in the early stages of his life and has issues eating things bc of it now. The person who rescued him rehabilitated him well from what the vet said. He (beardie) was given to me bc our friend was in a bad situation last year. His diet varies, no where near where it should be, but that was bc of the improper nutrition when he was little and the stress when he came over and transfered to my care. When I had gotten him, he had the start of periodontal disease and the vet thinks that could be from the damages that happened when he was younger and his body is just paying for it now. He prefers squishy things to hard. Getting him to eat his greens any more is pulling teeth, but i still try and offer what I can to him. He enjoys strawberry, mango, blueberry on occasion, green beans, peas (given on occasion), carrots, sometimes broccoli, and I’ve tried other things he’s rejected. I do have wandering jew in there which I have seen him munch on, so that’s a plus. He prefers his protein, but I limit him so he can get his fruits and veggies since he’s between 4 and 5 and fills up quick. He’s not sure of bee pollen and he does stick his nose up to vitamins and calcium sometimes. He does have a CHE and UVA/UVB, which he does seem to bask under more often than not and I try to give him baths a few times a week.

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