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Hes so cute. Make sure you continue to handle him regularly. If you stop before he reaches adulthood he may regress and begin to puff up at ya. I also have a rare one that will come out for a visit. He used to really like it as a baby, but as he’s gotten older he just tolerates it to get to explore and hang out in his little jungle he has set up next to his cage. They love it, if it’s a possibility for you to do.

I will say, since you found him outside in Florida, especially ft. Meyers, you have a wild caught invasive species. Be careful to not let him get away outside or let him go. Releasing invasive species in Florida is a big deal that can sometimes lead to a hefty fine because not only does it help the population, it helps it spread to new areas.

That being said, I think you love and will keep him. And he looks healthy and happy. I am very happy for you both. Got a little wild boy in your home! So cool. He looks to be near 6 months, most likely under a year. There are sites that help you know his age if you measure how long he is from nose to base of tail. I can post the link if you’d like.

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