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Amanda Stauffer

Huh, that’s interesting!!

I have had a love for animals ever since I was young and it has just grown over time. I had a boyfriend when I was in my teens that his father had a lot of reptiles and I had eventually acquired his tokays (the female lived to be full age while the male wasn’t as lucky). I’ve had amphibians and fish, also a red eared slider that was eventually put on a farm with a pond because he got so big but was so used to human attention and interaction. I had him for at least 10 years before I gave him a new home.

As of now I have leopard geckos of all ages, my oldest two being four, my youngest two being 9mo (some I bought from a pet store bc of their condition, some from breeders, some were home bred which I’ve stopped for various reasons and they are all mine). My beardie was given to me almost a year ago and rescued from a bad situation when he was about a year old, resulting with permanent MBD and a broken arm. He’s maybe five, which the vet said the person that rescued him did a wonderful job at rehabilitating him. My vet has seen my leos and beardie, but he doesn’t know anything about New Caledonia reptiles, so I’ve been on the hunt.

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