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Amanda Stauffer

Very much so. Ember is my social butterfly and enjoys being out when she’s awake. She’s next to my bed and if she sees me move at night I’ll hear her peck at the side of the enclosure to get my attention. She’s a ravage when it comes to bugs and just noms them down without a care as to where she aims and just hopes she gets it 🤣

Sugar bear only enjoys being out on occasion and she would rather view you from the inside of her enclosure most nights. When she is out her hang out spot is mostly my head and I have various pictures of her up there. She also takes bugs delicately from my fingers like a lady.

They also enjoy different pangeas. Sugar doesn’t care much as long as it’s food, ember isn’t a fan of bananas.

Sugar bear has also laid duds (never being subjected to a male that i know of) and ember hasn’t. They both have same tints and colored spots and port holes, so I’m wondering if they had the same sire and different dams

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