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Wow, that’s a big healthy looking boy. I have one myself, about the same age too. As of right now, alls well but I wouldn’t let him get too much thicker than this though. He’s in his prime right now and you’ve obviously done a great job but in case you’re not aware, overfeeding can happen and It can cause an assortment of issues and a shorter life if he’s allowed to continue eating so much. A great website to learn from is “”.

I love your posts and It’s obvious you love him, and I hope you find my comments to be me sharing of knowledge from one cham lover to another! And not me being rude in any way. I hope you enjoy the info!

Here is the feeding chart I follow for veiled chameleons: babies-6 months feed 12-18 small bugs a day divided between two feedings.
Juvenile 6-12 months feed between 8-10 medium bugs a day, occasionally skipping a day of the week.
Adult 12 months and up feed 5-6 large bugs a day until over 12 months, then feed that amount every 2 to 3 days. If they’re healthy.

Lightly dust daily with calcium and once a week with multivitamin. As adults, if they have proper lighting and as long as your gut loading your feeders you can occasionally just dust once a week with both. But not every week.

Chameleons are recently domesticated so they’re DNA is still all wild, telling them to fill up any time food is available. No matter how often fed. But they don’t use much energy as they don’t move unless they have to and they don’t use their own energy to heat themselves.

Overfeeding can cause gout, liver issues, kidney failure, and shorter lifespans. I added a pic of my boy from earlier this year.

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