Topics Forums Frogs – Pixies, Pacmans, & More! How to clean white calcium from your terrarium glass? Reply To: How to clean white calcium from your terrarium glass?



White vinegar is indeed the best way to remove calcium build-up. It does however raise the pH of the habitat if it is allowed to drain onto the substrate. Frog skin is incredibly permeable and an acid habitat can cause all sorts of difficulties. My recommendation is to treat the glass with straight vinegar, then wipe it all very thoroughly. This may be needed more than once. Then, spritz all surfaces with store-bought distilled water, and wipe that out completely as well. Then in the future, dilute the vinegar by 50% with distilled water and wipe down every time. This sounds like a real pain, and probably is, so if this solution doesn’t work well for you, then perhaps after your initial cleaning to remove all build-up from the glass, which should involve the removal of all furniture and substrate, you can clean the glass in the future using only distilled water, and never tap water.

I hope this was helpful and best wishes for clear viewing in the future.

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