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Hopefully I’ll get to find out one of these days how fun they really are.

I thought Kate was going to leave us a couple of years ago when she got super skinny but whatever it was went away and she gained weight again. We give her tapeworm medicine every summer even though she doesn’t hunt like she used to. And actually she’s 19-years-old so doing really well.

As you might imagine I have a zillion pictures of her. One thing she loves to do is climb ladders. Not quite as much as she used to but whenever I’d be working on the house or a shed or going up onto the roof or into the loft of the shop she’d always follow me. If I was in the shop sometimes she’d climb the ladder to the loft, snoop around then lay by the edge and watch me. But she doesn’t like to climb down so I’d tell her to climb on my shoulder and after a moment or two she’d lay on my shoulder and I’d hold her while climbing down.

When we first moved to our current house in 2001 I wanted to get a kitten but every time I found one at the shelter they already had a hold placed on them from other people wanting to adopt. Then one day while I was there they brought in this scrawny baby kitten with it’s eyes still half closed. Animal control officers said they found her in a parking lot. So I put a hold on her, visited her everyday until the 7-day hold expired and the rest is history.

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