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Lily definitely has one blue eye and one brown eye. We were told she was pure cocker when we got her as a puppy but it’s evident she’s a mix with something else. My daughter thinks shepherd of some type. The nice thing about her is she doesn’t shed. Normally I’m not a big dog fan but she is a really good dog with a great personality.

I’m the type of person that when I decide to do something I go all in so if I get another beardie someday, most likely at our next forever home, I’ll build a custom enclosure of some type. Last year I found a guy who gave away a couple of those rectangular store display cases that were about 8-feet long. My first thought was they would have been perfect for a beardie enclosure. Could do all kinds of fun stuff with that much internal space. We don’t have that kind of room in our current house but it’s something on my list of things to maybe do ‘when.’

I’ll still get to see Puff fairly often. And if at some point my daughter needs a change for some reason I can always take her back. My main goal with any animal is just to make sure they’re properly taken care of and happy. Once we get back to a rural environment I really want to get a few small goats. I just think they are stinking cute.

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